ST. LOUIS -- Extreme market volatility increases the importance of risk management for everyone in agriculture including farmers, ranchers and the professionals who serve them. In response to unprecedented market volatility and price risk, Allen Dever is launching Agrihedger to offer professionally managed futures accounts for agricultural producers and ag professionals.

Dever was previously a vice president of Doane Agricultural Services and is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor with 35 years of experience as a professional market analyst and futures trader.

Futures markets offer great profit opportunities but also bring the risk of loss. Sound risk management requires the combination of reliable market analysis, an effective trading plan, and the discipline to exercise the plan.

Most agricultural producers and ag professionals don't have the time or expertise to effectively use futures markets to manage volatility and the accompanying income and price risk. Too often emotion gets in the way of reason. In those cases, Dever explains that a professionally managed futures account provides a superior alternative to self-directed futures trading.

The collapsing stock market and steep decline in commodity prices since last summer reinforce the need for better risk management. Futures markets provide profit opportunities even when markets are declining. Agrihedger strategies are tailored to most effectively meet the risk management objectives of each client.

Allen Dever gained much of his professional experience with Doane Agricultural Services. He served Doane as chief economist, editor and publisher of Doane's Agricultural Report, and vice president of agricultural services. Dever resigned from Doane in July 2007 to pursue self-employment opportunities, providing the springboard for the launch of Agrihedger.

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SOURCE: Agrihedger.