AgRenaissance Software LLC has announced that it has created a wholly-owned subsidiary called FieldX Inc.

As part of the deal, AgRenaissance transfers ownership of the FieldX suite of agricultural software to FieldX Inc. This software suite is used by consultants, growers, and agricultural retailers across the United States and Canada for crop scouting, field recordkeeping, and soil sampling.

In a separate agreement, FieldX Inc. has acquired Ag Software Designs LLC, along with its FieldRx® software. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. FieldRx is an online tool that is used to create prescriptions for variable rate fertilizer applications. The sale will accelerate FieldX’s growth in the Precision Ag software market.

FieldX Inc. is led by CEO David Krueger, who brings over 15 years of experience in the agricultural software industry. “By forming FieldX Inc., we are better positioned to build on the success of both the FieldX and FieldRx software systems, and focus on opportunities to enhance and expand our services.”

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