BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA - AGCO, Your Agriculture Company (NYSE: AGCO), will sponsor the Progressive Agriculture Foundation's (PAF) Safety Day(R) program, including the organization's website, The sponsorship will allow the Foundation to enhance the information it offers online to the general public, as well as the access to resources provided to Safety Day coordinators and staff.

"AGCO is proud to help the Progressive Agriculture Foundation further develop the organization's website," explains Sue Otten, Director, Corporate Marketing and Brand Communications Worldwide, AGCO. "The Internet is an invaluable communications tool for any organization. By supporting PAF's online effort, not only will we help the Safety Day program continue to grow, but we'll also help the Foundation provide greater meaning to and impact on the safety and health of rural children."

The PAF website serves as a vehicle to educate individuals about rural safety and health, as well as how the Safety Days program works to protect rural youth from farm- and ranch-related injuries through education and training. Visitors to the website are able to learn about the program, view the annual schedule of Safety Day locations, learn how they can become involved, and make donations to help further PAF efforts. The site is also a central resource center for Safety Day coordinators, providing access to a variety of materials necessary for organizing and hosting Safety Day events.

AGCO's commitment to the Safety Day program extends beyond web-based initiatives and demonstrates the company's ongoing commitment to youth and farm safety. Last year, marketing associated within AGCO's application group, which works closely with ag retailers, provided financial support to the Safety Day program. In addition, AGCO North America Brand Marketing sponsored PAF Safety Zone educational activities at AG CONNECT Expo 2011.

SOURCE: Progressive Agriculture Foundation