Ag Chem, a division of AGCO, Duluth, Ga., has developed a quick-reference spray guide to help prepare growers and dealers to apply fungicides as a treatment for Asian soybean rust.

The guide, "Spraying Fungicides Is Different," details simple adjustments an applicator can make to assure better fungicides coverage, including appropriate droplet size, nozzle selection, pump pressure and boom height.

"Precision application of fungicides can mean the difference between success and failure in battling Asian soybean rust, says Nyle Wollenhaupt, worldwide agronomy manager for Global Technologies of AGCO.

Acknowledging that the use of fungicides has not been widespread in the areas that may be hit by soybean rust, the spray guide outlines fungicide application strategies in the context of spraying herbicides -- and how the two are different.

To receive a free copy of the guide, call Ag Chem at 877/454-3346.

Source: Company Release