Ag equipment leaders have ranked the nine top technical and safety issues facing the industry in 2015.

The Ag sector members of the new Tech & Safety Leadership Committee met recently to identify their top priorities for the year ahead.

Top priorities (in order) are:

  1. Support of standards activities
  2. Developing and maintaining North American regulatory relationships
  3. Seat belt usage promotion
  4. EU Stage 5 proposed emission standards
  5. Remote control/autonomous equipment
  6. Ag roadway initiative
  7. Ag sprayer initiative
  8. Tractor ROPS retrofit activities
  9. Global braking requirements

The first five are in common with the priorities identified by the Construction sector members of the committee.

The combined priorities are presented to the Technical & Safety Services staff, which places them on upcoming meeting agendas of product-specific groups for action or resolution.

The Tech & Safety Leadership Committee meets face-to-face twice per year, with additional teleconferences as required, to discuss technical and safety priorities. This year, the ag equipment sector met independently of the construction equipment sector. The committee will have a combined meeting in June.

The Tech & Safety Leadership Committee's responsibilities are similar to the former Tech & Safety Council, which it replaces.