The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture, with the support of DuPont Pioneer, has announced the launch of an online database cataloging educational resources designed to improve understanding of the agriculture industry among students.

The new “Best of Ag Literacy” database will include more than 200 publicly submitted tools and resources tailored to multiple grade levels. Users will be able to review and download the resources for free, in addition to interacting with other users to share feedback and implementation strategies. The site will be updated annually, with top submissions recognized each January at the American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Convention.

This database will support AFBFA’s “Pillars of Agricultural Literacy”— a framework of standards for increasing agricultural literacy among learners of all ages. AFBFA believes that all people should have a basic understanding of the agriculture industry, and this document provides a guideline for expected learning outcomes by age. Designed with the purpose of guiding consistent development of educator resources, these standards are applicable in classrooms and non-traditional learning environments nationwide. The AFBFA board endorsed the Pillars of Agricultural Literacy in July 2013.

This site and resources are made possible through the generous support of title sponsor, DuPont Pioneer. The public is invited to submit resources for consideration for the 2015 “Best of Ag Literacy” database by Feb. 13. To receive a submission form and for more information, email