The American Farm Bureau praised the European Commission for its careful and scientific analysis in approving seventeen different genetically modified agricultural products for food and feed. The approval came in the face of fierce opposition by anti-science and anti-trade forces on the continent. Unfortunately, the EC today also undermined its principled position by recommending that individual states be permitted to opt out of importation or use of the products within their own borders. AFBF views this decision with alarm.

In addition to undercutting its own authority, the EC now runs the risk of violating its international trade obligations, undermining the role of science, and jeopardizing the foundation of the single market in Europe.

Nationalizing the EU decision-making process would fragment the single European market. If adopted, this proposal would hinder intra-European trade, leading to higher feed prices, a weaker livestock industry and an overall decrease in consumer welfare.

This proposal would have major effects on GM crop exporters such as the U.S., Canada, Brazil and Argentina, which would lose important customers and face increasing uncertainty in European markets to which they still had access.

Farm Bureau strongly urges the European Parliament to consider the significant impact this legislative proposal would have on the European Union and its trading partners alike. This proposal represents a step backward for trade, science and freedom.