The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has established a permanent technical group to manage current and emerging issues related to operation of agricultural equipment on public roads.

The former ad hoc committee tasked with following emerging concerns related to larger and faster ag equipment on public roadways has been formally transitioned to the new Ag Equipment Roadway Technical Group (AERTG).

The AERTG will operate under and report to AEM's Ag Product Safety & Compliance Council (APSCC).

A core team of representatives from AEM member companies will serve as a steering committee to provide guidance and direction to group members, who will focus on issues concerning ag equipment travelling on public roadways while moving from farmyard to field or field to field.

Key deliverables from the group will include enhanced/updated standards and guidelines for best practices for manufacturers to consider in the design of mobile agricultural equipment.

Outreach to key industry trade associations in North America with similar concerns has already been established. The group is supported by three consultants with expertise in government affairs, technical issues management, and standards development.

For further information or to become active in the group, contact AEM Technical and Safety Services Manager Mike Weber at 414-298-4149 or