NEW YORK -- Advanced Plant Pharmaceuticals Inc. has signed a memorandum of understanding to acquire the biodiesel company World Health Energy Inc.

World Health Energy is an emerging energy company focusing on biofuels and renewable energy production and distribution.

In addition to renewable energy production, WHE's unique process will create a newly engineered feedstock as a by-product of the biodiesel production. Due to feedstock shortages worldwide, the company plans to sell the feedstock as a secondary source of revenue, capitalizing on all aspects of the biodiesel production process.

Under the terms of the MOU, Advanced Plant Pharmaceuticals ould acquire World Health Energy in return for 20 percent of APPI. Additionally, APPI would change the name of the company to World Health Energy Inc. and a new ticker symbol will be applied for in the near future.

David Harel, president of WHE said, "Biodiesel is a multi-billion-dollar industry, and World Health Energy is well positioned for this exciting market. APPI's experience in the development of whole plant pharmaceuticals has the potential of identifying opportunities of creating feedstock with higher yields resulting in higher profit margins. We are looking forward to completing the MOU process to add WHE to our company and launch our operations into the renewable energy industry."

World Health Energy Inc. is an emerging renewable energy and biofuel company. The company will produce and market high-quality, low-cost B100 biodiesel to replace traditional fossil fuels.

Advanced Plant Pharmaceuticals Inc. focuses on the research and development of whole plant-based nutritionals. The company has a composition-oriented patent for a proprietary process of utilizing whole plants to safely manufacture all-natural nutritional supplements. APPI markets and distributes its line of products including Lo-Chol(TM) worldwide through various sales distribution channels.

SOURCE: Advanced Plant Pharmaceuticals Inc. via PrimeZone.