NEW YORK -- Advanced Plant Pharmaceuticals Inc. has completed the acquisition of World Health Energy Inc., an emerging energy company focused on biofuels and renewable energy production and distribution.

A new ticker symbol to reflect the new corporate name of World Health Energy Inc. will be applied for in the near future.

World Health Energy plans to use renewable, cost-effective agricultural products from around the world to develop natural alternative fuels and marketable agricultural by-products such as feedstock. WHE's proposed biodiesel production plants are designed to produce biodiesel that complies to or exceeds international biodiesel production requirements and standards, including the European standard for Biodiesel EN 14214 as well as ASTM D6751 specifications.

In addition to renewable energy production, WHE's unique process will create a newly engineered feedstock as a by-product of the biodiesel production. Due to feedstock shortages worldwide, the Company plans to sell the feedstock as a secondary source of revenue, capitalizing on all aspects of the biodiesel production process.

The company is working toward the most immediate goals of merging with World Health Energy and closing on the $1.2 million financing previously announced for the construction of two biodiesel plants.

As previously announced, the first of the two biodiesel plants will be built in Kentucky and the first customer, a coal mining operation, will require 5 thousand gallons a day. Revenue for the first full quarter of operation in Kentucky is projected at $1 million, or $4 million annually, for the mining operation alone. Another plant is slated for construction in Florida.

World Health Energy Inc. is an emerging renewable energy and biofuel company. The company has plans to produce and market high-quality, low-cost B100 biodiesel to replace traditional fossil fuels.

Advanced Plant Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has focused on the research and development of whole plant-based nutritionals. The company has a composition-oriented patent for a proprietary process of utilizing whole plants to safely manufacture all-natural nutritional supplements. The company is currently in the initial stages of shifting its business plan to enter the rapidly growing renewable energy market.

SOURCE: Advanced Plant Pharmaceuticals Inc. via Market Wire.