SOUTHPORT, NORTH CAROLINA - Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) has signed an agreement with the Gypsoil Division of Beneficial Reuse Management LLC (BRM) to market gypsum (calcium sulfate) produced at ADM’s Southport, N.C., citric acid plant. The product is marketed as Gypsoi (TM) brand gypsum.

Agricultural producers use Gypsoil to improve soil fertility and structure. "Gypsoil is an excellent option for supplying calcium, a nutrient that is important to a wide variety of crops, but particularly essential for peanut growers," says Ron Chamberlain, director of gypsum programs for Gypsoil/BRM. In addition to calcium, gypsum is an excellent source of soluble sulfur, a nutrient that is often lacking in soils today.

Large-seeded peanut varieties, including Virginia and Jumbo Runner types, are at risk for underdeveloped kernels or "pops" if they do not have enough calcium. Dark spots on seeds, poor germination, poor grades and pod disease are also potential problems that can result from calcium deficiency.

Good for crops
Applying gypsum, or "landplaster," at rates of 1,000 to 2,000 pounds per acre is a common management strategy used by peanut growers to avoid these problems. Calcium must be available in the top few inches of the soil, or pegging zone, so that pods can absorb it directly from the soil as they develop.

Applying Gypsoil to cropland also improves soil structure by neutralizing the metals and chemical salts that bind to clay particles and cause poor soil structure and sealing at the soil surface. "This results in less ponding and runoff after a rain, as well as less soil erosion when Gypsoil is used on tight clay soils," says Chamberlain.

Gypsum produced at ADM's Southport facility is a co-product of citric acid production from corn fermentation. Citric acid is widely used in beverages, processed foods and other household products to regulate pH, enhance product quality and extend product shelf life.

Serving growers
"We are excited about serving an even greater number of Southeastern growers through our partnership with Gypsoil," says Katheryne Rehberg, ADM product manager, Acidulants. "Gypsoil brings a broad base of technical knowledge on the use of gypsum for agricultural production."

"Our goal is to help agricultural producers gain access to sustainable resources to meet their production needs," says Chamberlain. "We look forward to serving Southeastern growers as they fulfill their gypsum needs."

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SOURCE: Beneficial Reuse Management LLC