WASHINGTON, D.C. -- American Corn Growers Association says its Board of Directors and members have finalized the ratification of its platform and policies for 2009 following the close of its successful 22nd National Convention in Iowa, Jan. 16.

Following the completion of President Obama's first National Press conference Monday Jan. 26, Keith Bolin, a corn and hog farmer from Manlius, Ill., and President of the American Corn Growers Association stated that:

"We are encouraged to hear President Obama call for urgent action to offset the current economic crisis impacting the US and the world and we truly believe that the working farmers of America can provide substantial assistance in mapping out the renewable energy development plans he is calling for."

Boling pointed out that ACGA's platform is targeted to specifically aid in the revitalization of rural America by promoting the development and use of optimized and sustainable food and fuel crops and grains, renewable energy farming incentives, resource and conservation management campaigns and non-exportable job creation.

The American Corn Growers Association Platform for 2009 now covers the following programs and initiatives:

  • Expansion of Renewable Energy Production Incentives
  • Provisions for Financial Backstopping for Renewable Fuels Plants in Financial Peril
  • Extension the Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit (PTC) for a Minimum of 10 years
  • Increased Funding for Section 9007 and the Balance of the 2008 Farm Bill
  • Actions to Upgrade and Expand the National Electric Grid
  • Creation of an Undersecretary for Food and Agricultural Competiveness
  • Redirection of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Agenda, Rules and Guidelines
  • Ending the Outsourcing of U.S. Factories, Production and Employment
  • Ensuring Adequate Fertilizer Production for an Optimum Grain Harvest in 2009
  • Development of a Federal Indemnification Program for Contracted Agricultural Commodities
  • Enactment of a Farmer-Owned Strategic Grain Reserve
  • Adoption of a New Price Support Program to Replace Inadequate and Failing Subsidy Programs

  • "We are absolutely committed to advocating for farmer rights and feel there is an opportunity to work with the new administration to reverse the job loss and rural economic decay we are currently witnessing," said Pam Horwitz, Executive Director for the American Corn Growers Association. "We fully intend to make these issues and opportunities a central part of the agenda as the 111th Congress convenes. Every issue they address impacts and concerns our members, working farmers and Americans and we feel that the ability to provide renewable resources along with sustainable food and employment is the strongest form of Homeland Security we can implement."

    ACGA recently hosted its 22nd annual convention in Coralville, Iowa and is proud to represent its 14,000 members in more than 35 states across the country.

    SOURCE: American Corn Growers Association via PR Newswire.