Farm Aid President Willie Nelson and Keith Bolin, president of the American Corn Growers Association (ACGA), have announced their organizations' sponsorship and facilitation of a series of renewable energy workshops slated for the Midwest.

The $15,000 grant from Farm Aid will assist ACGA in the underwriting of the workshops and facilitate presentations on the following topics;

-Overview of Biodiesel Production, Acceptance and Utilization,

-Overview of Pre-Feasibility Study Guide for Farmer-Owned Ethanol Plants,

-Wind Energy - New Potentials for Rural Communities,

-Overview of Federal Programs Available for Renewable Energy Production, and

-How Renewable Energy Production Can Be an Essential Component to Better Farm Policy.

"Our goal is to ensure we improve our continuing endeavor to communicate, educate and advocate the opportunities, challenges and possibilities for energy production on U.S. family farms," said Bolin. "This will include issues relating to bio-diesel, ethanol, bio-mass, wind and other farm based energy producing possibilities."

Source: Association Release