Advanced Biological Marketing (ABM) has filed an application with U.S. patent office for a new Trichoderma strain that has multiple capabilities for various uses in plant agriculture. Specifically the patent is for “one or more microbial agents possessing multifunctional capabilities.” This new strain is versatile in its capabilities and provides new and enhanced properties to ABM’s previously patented Trichoderma products.

The benefits of this new Trichoderma strain are an increase in one or more beneficial plant attributes. These attributes include plant growth, yield, root development, resistance to abiotic stresses, photosynthetic efficiency, reduction of foliar disease, controlling nematodes, inducing systemic changes in plant gene expression and protecting planted seeds from soil-borne pathogens.

“This new Trichoderma strain is showing very promising results,” said Dan Custis, ABM CEO.  “We’ll need to do more testing in the field and get our registrations in place, but we anticipate a line of products soon. I complement our research and development team for their hard work and the discovery platforms they have put in place.”

ABM currently utilizes other patented Trichoderma strains in many of their commercial agriculture products. This includes the SabrEx line of products.