Z Trim Holdings, Inc., manufacturer of multifunctional ingredients used in food production, announced that it has entered into a 3-year agreement with the United States Department of Agriculture to conduct joint research for the development of additional products and processes relating to its current patented products.

"We are thrilled to be working with the USDA-ARS," said Steve Cohen, Z Trim CEO. "The USDA-ARS team brings unparalleled expertise in our field, and with their help, we expect to find new, commercially viable products that will enhance our brand and further grow our business."

Z Trim Holdings, Inc., http://www.ztrim.com, deploys technology, formulation, and product performance solutions built around cutting edge multifunctional ingredients for both domestic and international food markets. Using a proprietary process, Z Trim ingredients start with either corn bran or oat hulls to create a new generation of powdered cellulose that contributes beneficial functional attributes for food product design and processing. A short-chain polymeric structure unique among cellulose ingredients lends Z Trim a smooth mouthfeel, easy dispersibility and flavor neutrality.