Corn growers in Illinois, Iowa and surrounding areas can take advantage of the highest-performing genetics and the latest advancements in seed technology with Wyffels Hybrids. The company rolled out 27 new products, including 12 new base genetics, for 2013.

The new products include conventional hybrids, as well as hybrids featuring Genuity VT Double PRO, Genuity VT Triple PRO, Genuity SmartStax, and Roundup Ready Corn 2 traits. Hybrids with Genuity VT Double PRO and Genuity SmartStax traits are available as Wyffels Refuge in Bag (RIB).

“We continually focus on improving our genetics in each new class of elite hybrids we develop,” said Fritz Behr, vice president of research at Wyffels Hybrids. “These new hybrids have proven they perform with improved yield potential, excellent agronomics and consistency across diverse conditions and environments. We are committed to bringing our customers seed solutions that can help their operations be more profitable, and that are among the most advanced on the market today.”

The new Wyffels RIB products are a single-bag blend of 95 percent traited hybrid with 5 percent refuge seed. No separate, structured refuge is required where this technology is planted.

“The single bag solution to refuge compliance allows growers to minimize on-farm hassles and save time during the planting season,” Behr said. “We offer three Wyffels RIB products for 2012, and are proud to bring eleven new Wyffels RIB products to the market in 2013.”

New for 2013 ‑ Early-season hybrids:

W1787 96 RM (GENVT3P)| W1786RIB (GENVT2P, Wyffels RIB) | W1782 (RR2)

  • Excellent yield on compact plant
  • Strong roots and stalks allow a wide harvest window
  • Very good tolerance to Goss’ wilt
  • Exceptional drought tolerance

W1838RIB 97 RM (GENSS, Wyffels RIB)

  • Industry-leading yields and solid agronomics
  • Adaptable across soils
  • Very strong roots and stalks
  • Excellent green snap resistance

W2277 100 RM (GENVT3P) | W2276RIB (GENVT2P, Wyffels RIB) | W2272 (RR2)

  • Exciting yield performance for maturity
  • Excellent stalk and root strength
  • Outstanding green snap resistance
  • Fast drydown of high test weight grain

W3007 103 RM (GENVT3P)

  • Excellent yields even in tough environments
  • Outstanding drought tolerance
  • Consistent ear size
  • Rapid drydown

W3100 103 RM (CONV)

  • Impressive yield potential in low- and high-yield environments
  • Works well in multiple soil types
  • Good staygreen and strong stalks allows for later harvest
  • Excellent yield to moisture ratio

Mid-season hybrids:

W4262 104 RM (RR2)

  • Extreme yield potential, fast drydown
  • Exceptional test weight and grain quality
  • Performs well across environments including light soils
  • Good green snap resistance

W4348RIB 106 RM (GENSS, Wyffels RIB)

  • Excellent test weight and high yield potential
  • Very strong roots and solid stalks
  • Widely adaptable across many soil types
  • Outstanding agronomic package

W4797 106 RM (GENVT3P)| W4796RIB (GENVT2P, Wyffels RIB) | W4790 (CONV)

  • Consistent yields across multiple environments
  • Exceptional roots and stalks
  • Excellent late-season plant integrity
  • Very strong agronomic package

W5076RIB 107 RM (GENVT2P, Wyffels RIB)

  • Highly competitive yields
  • Wide adaptability across environments
  • Impressive root and stalk strength
  • Very good Goss’ wilt tolerance

W5787 108 RM (GENVT3P)

  • High yielding hybrid with east to west adaptability
  • Strong stalks that resist green snap
  • Excellent Goss’ wilt tolerance
  • High test weight grain

W6487 110 RM (GENVT3P) | W6486RIB (GENVT2P, Wyffels RIB)

  • Top yielding even under stress conditions and across multiple environments and soil types
  • Outstanding resistance to green snap
  • Durable stalks and roots

W6917 111 RM (GENVT3P) | W6910 (CONV)

  • Consistent high yields across multiple environments
  • Outstanding choice for continuous corn acres
  • Excellent tolerance to Goss’ wilt
  • Reliable agronomics with late season plant integrity

W7057 111 RM (GENVT3P) | W7056RIB (GENVT2P, Wyffels RIB) | W7052 (RR2)

  • Versatile hybrid with consistent high yield potential
  • Stands well for later harvest
  • Outstanding heat and stress tolerance

Late-season hybrids:

W7472 112 RM (RR2)

  • Incredible yield potential with a strong agronomic package
  • Handles heat stress and tough soils
  • Excellent standability and disease tolerance
  • Highly recommended for continuous corn

W7806RIB 113 RM (GENVT2P, Wyffels RIB) | W7802 (RR2)

  • High yields and impressive test weight
  • Excellent late-season standability and appearance
  • Exceptional drought and heat tolerance
  • Well suited for tough, lighter soils

W7886RIB 113 RM (GENVT2P, Wyffels RIB)

  • High yield potential across soil types
  • Tremendous test weight
  • Excellent drought tolerance
  • Highly recommended for continuous corn acres

W8967 117 RM (GENVT3P) | W8966RIB (GENVT2P, Wyffels RIB)

  • High yield potential in tough environments
  • Exceptional drought tolerance
  • Outstanding roots and stalks
  • Great late-season standability