The manufacturing facility for Wolf Trax plant nutrition products has completed an overhaul and upgrades to its equipment as the company prepares to meet increased demand in 2012. The work to the manufacturing and packaging equipment will help ensure steady production during peak periods and increase manufacturing capacity at the facility.

“Our commitment to customers includes steady, consistent supply of high-quality, innovative plant nutrition products,” said Kerry Green, managing director of Wolf Trax. “We have experienced significant growth in North America and other regions worldwide. The facility improvements will help ensure that our customers receive the service they expect, and that they need not be concerned by pricing instability or product shortages.”

The facility manufactures and packages Protinus Seed Nutrition, six DDP Micronutrients: Boron DDP, Calcium DDP, Copper DDP, Iron DDP, Manganese DDP and Zinc DDP, and two custom-designed mixes: Turfmix DDP and Cropmix DDP.

“Micronutrient markets have been unpredictable the last few years,” saidom Pekarek, specialty department manager with United Suppliers, a major Wolf Trax customer in the United States. “Price fluctuations and product shortages have made fertilizer planning more difficult for dealers and farmers. We welcome the commitment

Wolf Trax continues to make in providing us with consistent pricing and reliable supply.”

The growth in demand is fueled by the innovation and proven efficacy of Protinus and the DDP Micronutrients.

Protinus is a seed-applied fertilizer. The results of the direct-to-the-seed nutrition are emergence that is earlier and more even, larger seedlings with more developed root systems, and the ability to better cope with early-season stress.

Formulated as a dry dispersible powder, DDP Micronutrients can coat dry fertilizer, be mixed in a foliar spray or be added to liquid fertilizer. The patented DDP Fertilizer-coating technology results in even, blanket-like distribution across a field, making the micronutrients more accessible to plant roots. Another proprietary feature is the Dual Action Formulation, which provides immediate availability for plant uptake, along with extended feeding over time. The better distribution and improved nutrient availability results in more efficient and effective micronutrient applications.