WinField has launched the NutriSolutions 360° system, a complete solution to plant nutrition management that provides timely, critical agronomic insights and product recommendations. Spanning pre-planting to post-harvest, the system offers actionable insights to help farmers map and execute the individual nutrition plan that will generate the most profitable return.

“In a time where the margins are getting tighter than in previous years, farmers need to closely manage their inputs to capitalize on every return on investment opportunity. This includes making decisions based on agronomic facts,” said Tyler Greznow, WinField plant nutrition marketing manager. “By using the proprietary insight tools in the NutriSolutions 360 system, farmers can efficiently apply nutrients that boost performance in high-potential areas of the field and minimize waste on areas with low potential.”

Multi-dimensional approach to plant nutrition

The NutriSolutions 360° system provides farmers with tools like soil, resin and tissue sampling, for more robust agronomic insights that lead to more effective product recommendations. Proven performers such as Ascend plant growth regulator can jump-start plant growth and minimize yield-limiting stresses, and supplementing MAX-IN micronutrients in-season, can correct nutrient deficiencies before yield is compromised. 

Since 2009, approximately 250,000 plant tissue samples have been collected through the NutriSolutions Tool — now part of the NutriSolutions360° system. Those samples get uploaded into additional applications, including the WinField R7 Tool database, for even more targeted data. Along with in-season satellite imagery showing a field’s biomass profile, this approach helps farmers capitalize on in-season opportunities to improve their return on investment.

In addition, the NutriSolutions 360° system can provide a complete analysis of previous seasons to help farmers prepare for next season. The personalized insights from these tools combined with insights from replicated side-by-side trials at Answer Plot locations across the country allow WinField agronomists to help farmers place nutrient inputs only where there is the greatest potential to increase their return on investment.

New product, established technology

WinField offers a complete portfolio of products formulated specifically to enhance plant growth and health.

“WinField is committed to providing recommendations based on agronomic insights and products that have been proven to deliver results,” said Greznow. “For the 2014 growing season, we’re excited to announce the newest addition to our MAX-IN micronutrient line, MAX-IN Zinc, which can be used in a broad spectrum of crops.”

MAX-IN Zinc features patented CornSorb technology, which helps increase movement of nutrients through the leaf cuticle to internal leaf structures, leaving more zinc available for plant metabolism. Zinc is one of the key ingredients for success in a plant nutrition program, because it plays a critical role in leaf and vascular growth as well as root development. According to 2013 NutriSolutions Tool results, zinc deficiencies were a common yield-limiting concern in multiple crops. Tissue analysis shows that 80 percent of the corn, 70 percent of the wheat and 60 percent of the cotton tested was deficient in zinc.

Another cornerstone product in the NutriSolutions 360° system is Ascend plant growth regulator. It has been proven to help crops germinate and emerge earlier, grow a more robust root system, and develop larger leaves and wider stems for a stronger plant. When applied in furrow with a starter fertilizer (10-34-0) and Ultra-Che Zinc (chelated), Ascend has a 4.8 bushels-per-acre advantage versus untreated acres over a three year period at 195 sites with replicated trials across the Corn Belt.