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Ag markets turned higher at midsession Tuesday

Corn futures moved higher on Tuesday morning. Technical buying pushed prices moderately higher. However, sagging export demand tied to the strong U.S. dollar continued to add pressure to the market, thus curbing the gains. Stabilizing factors are harvest nearing completion at 94% in yesterday’s crop progress report from NASS, up from 89% the week before. That means declining hedge pressure as a negative influence on prices, particularly with farmer sales slowing to a trickle.


Should you plant earlier maturing soybean varieties

For the past two years, 15 percent of the Michigan soybean crop was still in the field as of Nov. 9. The significant harvest delays create several problems for soybean producers such as preventing wheat planting and fall tillage operations, increasing harvest losses, early snow cover and increasing soil compaction due to harvesting when the soil is too wet.


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