When winter wheat seed is planted, more and more attention is being paid to having that seed treated with seed protectants to get a good stand up and growing, and Stoller USA is promoting its Bio-Forge ST as the seed treatment that could help the most.

Stress is what this year’s winter wheat could go through as much as any year within the last 50 years, and that is what Stoller claims Bio-Forge ST can reduce—stress protection for young plants.

The company has a limited number of independent wheat research results that show wheat yields increased from five bushels to 15 bushels per acre.

Stoller says there are several things wheat farmers can see if they plant seed treated with Bio-Forge ST at a rate of two ounces per hundredweight of seed. At the plant level a farmer could see:

  • Enhanced germination
  • Stronger seedling vigor
  • Rapid, downward root growth
  • Fibrous root mass for increased nitrogen
       and nutrient uptake
  • Slightly shorter stalks and more robust grain heads
  • Reduced lodging
  • Increased winter survivability
  • Higher test weight at harvest