Saying that, “Connecting hardware, agronomy and data management is the key to sustaining precision farming success for Wheat Growers,” Lessiter Publications and Precision Farming Dealer named Wheat Growers its 2014 Most Valuable Dealership.

“This award wasn’t earned in one year,” Brent Wiesenburger, precision ag manager with Wheat Growers, said. “It was earned over the last ten years, thanks to the vision of our cooperative and the talent and dedication of our employee team.”

The forward thinking and service to its members was also part of why Wheat Growers was named the 2012 Agricultural Retailer of Year by the Agricultural Retailers Association.

In an article for Precision Farming Dealer announcing the award, Jack Zemlicka, technology editor, noted that for nearly 20 years, Wheat Growers, “…has succeeded in connecting customers to technology solutions and continues to progressively grow the business. During the last three years alone, Wheat Growers has doubled its overall precision farming revenue from $5.1 million in 2011 to $10.9 million in 2013, with nearly 70 percent of profits generated through service offerings, including its cornerstone Management Zone-Based technology (MZB) program.”

Wheat Growers’ Precision Ag Services include MZB, geo-referenced soil sampling, yield monitors, planting and application systems, mapping software and map printing services, lightbars and AutoSteer Systems. Wheat Growers’ Precision Ag Specialists work with member-owners to recommend the right technology, equipment and field data for their needs and production expectations. 

Wheat Growers is a grain and agronomy cooperative in the heart of South and North Dakota. Its website is