Opponents of Initiative 522 in Washington State have gained voters for the measure that seeks to require food containing genetically modified food to be labeled.

Food Safety News reported that the state’s only independent, non-partisan survey research firm, known as the Elway Poll, says its Oct. 15-17 interviews with 413 registered Washington state voters found there’s been a dramatic 41 percent shift since last month in opinions about the ballot measure. Support for I-522 has decreased by 20 percent while opposition has increased by 21 percent.

With 12 percent of the voters still undecided and I-522 proponents hanging on to a 46-to-42 percent lead, Pollster Steward Elway said the election is now within the “margin of error,” which is 5 percent in this poll.

This means I-522 in Washington State is now officially “too close to call.”

Those opposing the initiative have been outspending proponents by nearly three times. Companies like Monsanto and DuPont and the Grocery Manufacturers Association have led the charge in raising money to defeat I-522.