Waconia Manufacturing conducted an Open House earlier this week at its new Norwood Young America, Minn., fertilizer blending and handling systems facility.

The manufacturing and business space totals 65,628 square feet of which 58,368 square feet is production area and the rest office space. There is additional land, which can allow for facility expansion at some point in the future.

This new facility is a little larger than the company’s Waconia, Minn., facility that has a total of 60,800 square feet.

Those touring the facility were introduced to several of the 39 employees who work at the facility. It was pointed out that four professional engineers use both AutoCad and SolidWorks to design equipment to customer needs. AutoCad provides two dimensional designing. SoilidWorks provides the ability for three dimensional designing and is becoming the mainstay in designing because of several benefits including assembly drawings with exploded views, immediately available multiple views and generating a bill of materials for a drawing that eliminates manual counting of parts. 

The sales department at the Norwood Young America plant consists of three sales people and two project managers.

As part of the office space is a break/dining hall that can also be used as a training center with large-screen monitor and seating for 34 people.

In the manufacturing portion of the building new high-technology equipment has been installed to improve efficiency of the various operations. Equipment includes a computerized band saw and high definition plasma torch, which can cut a five-foot by 10-foot sheet of steel up to one and one-half inches thick.

Waconia Manufacturing constructs all the tanks for its tower blending systems. Of course, moving sheets of metal and system components requires the use of the eight overhead and jib cranes that are operated by wireless remote control.

The “blast booth” measures 20 feet wide by 48 feet long and has 14-foot tall sides. The booth gets its name from the use of steel shot to thoroughly prep steel components for painting by peppering the steel.

The paint booth is 24 feet wide, 50 feet long and 20 feet tall. There are six paint pumps outside the booth feeding two paint guns inside the booth. The booth uses a down draft air filtration system so that fumes are not released into the manufacturing plant.

Thinking about down time possibilities, the company has installed a 500 kilowatt diesel-powered generator that could power the entire facility if a power outage occurred.

The Open House was conducted to reinforce their quality construction and to show how the company follows the motto: “High quality equipment from highly motivated people with top notch skills. No one else in the industry can provide you with more.”

It was noted that nearly doubling the company’s square footage increases construction capacity and improves delivery times for equipment.

Troy Williams, president of Waconia Manufacturing, Inc., was previously quoted as explaining, “This is a big step for WMI, which will give us some great opportunities for many years to come. … Our new facility and great employees put us in a great position for the next 55 years.”

Waconia Manufacturing was founded in 1959; therefore, the company is celebrating 55 years in business this year.