What ag product is the best new product introduced in 2012? We are still waiting for most of you who visit AgProfessional.com and read the e-newsletters to vote.

For some reason, voting this year is lagging behind any other year since establishing the Readers’ Choice New Product of the Year Award program six years ago. Maybe you don’t think one product is a head above the others, but we would appreciate you considering the differences. Think about the future impact of each product and its potential value to the ag retailer, crop consultant and farm management professions.

Pick your favorite from the Top 10 AgProfessional Editors’ Choice New Product of the Year list. Does the product have value to increase your income and the income of your customers?

Diversity of products is one of the goals when the staff of AgProfessional picks the top 10 products. We do not solicit entries, but we do take into account the amount of effort companies did to introduce products during 2012.

The main consideration to be included on the AgProfessional Editors’ Choice Awards list is the potential for the product—not how has the product already sold or been accepted by customers and potential customers. Please look at the products in terms of potential in having an impact in the future and pick one of the superior innovative products of 2012 as the top one.

Go to www.AgProfessional.com and make your pick in the Web Poll section on the right-hand side of the home page. We will greatly appreciate it, and the winner of the award will appreciate it, too.

If you are not familiar with our Web Poll section, notice that the first choice in the list is preset as the item selected, but you simply click the product you like to highlight a different product. You can also read about each product prior to voting by clicking the Read Product Information bar above the question.