It's time to vote for your choice of the best new product introduced in 2013 from the Top 10 Editors’ Choice list compiled by the editors of AgProfessional magazine. Voting is quick and easy; see the active link to the poll below.

Anyone in the agricultural industry that has involvement with products used or sold by retailers and crop consultants or recommended to farmers should share their anonymous opinion by voting. It is easy and fast.

The complete write-up about the awards program is in the December 2013 AgProfessional magazine. The product information based on company-provided materials that was included in the article is available below.

The Top 10 list is based on the most outstanding efforts by companies in promoting their products as novel and innovative. It is now your turn to confirm which one really is the greatest advance in technology or chemistry introduced in 2013. The top vote getter will receive recognition in the February issue of AgProfessional magazine.

Your choice should be based on the product being exceptional and the potential for the product over the long run—not what it has already accomplished in sales. Only products newly available on the market as of December 2012 to November 2013 were eligible.

Deadline for voting is Jan. 8, 2014. Click here to vote!

To read more about each of the Top 10 products, click the links next to the product. A summary of the product and why AgProfessional's editors picked each product is included. 

A) Dow AgroSciences, Intrepid Edge Insecticide. Product Information.

B) Dow AgroSciences, Sulfoxaflor. Product Information.

C) DuPont Pioneer, T Series Soybeans. Product Information.

D) IN3 Applications, The Plant Diagnostic Sample Submission App. Product Information.

E) Precision Laboratories, Trident Bio-Inducer for Soybeans. Product Information.

F) Raven Industries, Viper 4. Product Information.

G) Syngenta, Agrisure Duracade Corn Rootworm Trait. Product Information.

H) Syngenta, Clariva. Product Information.

I) TeeJet Technologies, Matrix Pro GS. Product Information.

J) Véto-pharma S.A., Apivar Miticide. Product Information.