This fall, Iowa growers implementing nutrient reduction practices are eligible for cost-share conservation funds from the Iowa Department of Agriculture. Initial practices prioritized for funding include planting cover crops, performing no-till or strip till, or using nitrapyrin nitrification inhibitor when applying fertilizer.

“Nitrapyrin is the active ingredient only manufactured for N-Serve and Instinct II nitrogen stabilizers from Dow AgroSciences,” explained John Demerly, portfolio marketing leader, Dow AgroSciences. “These products are designed to inhibit nitrification, which keeps more nitrogen available to corn at the root zone and reduces leaching of nitrogen into the groundwater.”

The Iowa Water Quality Initiative offers growers who try N-Serve nitrogen stabilizer with their fall application of anhydrous ammonia a $3-per-acre rebate, up to 160 acres, for first-time use of the product.

This is an incentive offer with endorsement of a product that has been available for almost four decades. It will be interesting to see how many farmers qualify for the per-acre rebate as first-time users.

“Dow AgroSciences is committed to the importance of nutrient stewardship and fertilizer efficiency,” Demerly said. “We applaud the Iowa Department of Agriculture for encouraging growers to voluntarily implement science-based conservation practices, which include using a nitrogen stabilizer.” He said the company was able to have recognition as a viable practice because study averages with nitrapyrin show soil nitrogen retention increases by 28 percent and nitrogen leaching decreases by almost 16 percent.

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