Canada’s largest grain handler is reportedly looking to enter the North American fertilizer market. Viterra Inc. is taking advantage of Canada’s plan to dismantle the Canadian Wheat Board monopoly, which will allow the company to move into other areas such as grain processing and fertilizer and retail agri-products, according to Mayo Schmidt, chief executive officer, Viterra, who spoke to the Vancouver Sun.

Viterra’s interest comes after Canada’s Prime Minister introduced legislation last week that would challenge the Wheat Board to develop a plan to become a private company or cooperative. The Wheat Board has had a monopoly on marketing western Canadian wheat and barley. Without the monopoly, Viterra could move take advantage of the new market system that is set to be put into place.

In addition, the company is looking to expand within the United States. The company already has manufacturing facilities here as well as mills for animal feed while processing lentils and specialty crops.

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