Valley Irrigation was recently granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the mechanized irrigation process in the production of rice.

Although Valley Irrigation holds the patent for the rice development process under mechanized irrigation, Valley is making this process available to farmers and organizations, royalty free.

“We at Valley Irrigation pursued this process patent to demonstrate our commitment to successfully using center pivots, linears and corner machines for the production of rice, beyond just selling product,” said Jake LaRue, director of product development and support for Valley Irrigation.  “With this process patent, we not only help growers be more successful and profitable, but also create a way for rice to be grown in a more environmentally friendly manner, by conserving water and other resources.”

Through a project called Circles for Rice, Valley Irrigation has been conducting commercial research on rice production under center pivots, linears and corner machines since 2008.  Both research and field trials have been, and continue to be, conducted in an effort to conserve resources and farm inputs, increase grower profitability and produce food for the world’s growing population.  With its research, Valley Irrigation has supported gathering data from more than 30 commercial rice fields worldwide.

More information on the project, as well as a royalty free licensed copy of the Valley Irrigation Circles for Rice production guide, can be found on

Valley products are sold worldwide with management of the company based in Nebraska.