Syngenta Seedcare launched an updated online training module that educates audiences about corn nematodes and how to protect corn plants from these invisible but costly pests. The module was first launched in 2009 but now has major updates.

“Irreversibly damaged corn plants are often the first sign that corn parasitic nematodes have infected a field,” said David Winston, Seedcare product lead, Syngenta. “But the symptoms are often attributed to other causes. We designed this online tutorial as an important educational tool.”

Through a series of short, informative sections, participants learn about corn nematodes, including how to identify them and prevent yield loss. The module underscores the commitment of Syngenta to provide farmers with technologies that will help them grow more corn.

Plant-parasitic corn nematodes are microscopic, threadlike worms that infect corn plants and cause symptoms including overall stunting or wilting, yellow leaves and damaged or swollen roots with lesions. There is no rescue treatment for corn nematodes—plant health cannot be restored after corn nematodes have infected and damaged the corn plant. Yield loss is irreversible as well.

The product of note from Syngenta is Avicta Complete Corn, a nematicide/insecticide/fungicide seed treatment.

Syngenta has a library of interactive training tutorials to learn more about important farm management topics at