Several minor crop and ag production reports scheduled to be stopped at the end of 2011 are now going to continue being produced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).    

According to an Associated Press report, “The department says that it will reinstate reports for industries such as catfish and trout, hops, fruits and vegetables, and bees and honey.”

The USDA had announced it was eliminating or reducing the frequency of 14 crop and livestock reports to achieve a savings of about $10 million.

Those producers and agribusinesses involved in the various production for which reports were being eliminated filed complaints saying “they would be left guessing how much to produce and when to sell” because the reports have an influence on “price and supply of many products that people” consume.

The USDA explained its change in saying the reports are being reinstated because efficiencies in operations have resulted in savings to pay for the reports’ cost.