The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced two comment periods—one comment period being extended and the other one a new 60-day comment period. Both are related to crop production pesticides—one for guidance in evaluating pesticide spray drift and the other for guidance in pesticide volatilization screening methodology.

The guidance for evaluating pesticide spray drift is an extension for comments until April 30 for comment about two draft guidance documents that have been under consideration for comments and which should have closed at the end of March.

The comments will be used in rule changes to pesticide risk assessment associated with ecological and human health risk assessments for pesticide spray drift. The EPA suggested that commenters claimed they needed more time to prepare responses.

For more information on the draft guidance documents, click here. To submit comments, go to Docket EPA-HQ-OPP-2013-0676-0001 at

The volatilization comments are also for rule changes to pesticide risk assessment associated with pesticide vapor through the air from the intended site to any off-target site. Comments are to be related to volatilization, not spray drift or windblown soil concerns or enforcement rules.

In announcing the comment period, the EPA noted, “The volatilization screening methodology will provide a consistent and health-protective framework to assess the potential inhalation risk to bystanders resulting from volatilization of conventional pesticides.”

EPA seems to think there isn’t consistency in rating volatilization among scientists who consider products and screening methodology for evaluating volatilization in human health risk assessments.

The comment period will close on May 27. For more information, see Docket EPA-HQ-OPP-2014-0219 at