Trimble announced a significant advancement in its RainWave precipitation monitoring solution that maps precise rainfall amounts within an entire field or farm. Using the new RainWave Contour Map functionality in Trimble’s Connected Farm web-based management solution enables the farmer or trusted advisor to make better management decisions for irrigation planning, resource deployment, and timing of applications for nutrient and pest management.

Unlike physical gauges that measure rain at a single point or services that average rainfall amounts across fields (mile-by-mile grids), the new RainWave Contour Map allows farmers to visualize and measure variations in rainfall amounts within the field. RainWave closely complements Trimble’s Irrigate-IQ precision irrigation solution, which is now available in North America. Farmers can use the detailed RainWave rainfall data to direct their decisions and create a highly targeted irrigation application schedule with Irrigate-IQ. The Irrigate-IQ solution uses GPS to remotely control irrigators, create irrigation plans, perform variable rate irrigation down to the individual nozzle, and receive reports, resulting in reduced trips to the field.

Using the RainWave Contour Map, farmers can optimize water use by not running irrigators in areas that have received adequate rainfall. Further benefits include time and fuel savings since physically checking rain gauge locations is eliminated. In addition, the rainfall data can guide farmers’ decisions regarding the day’s planned activities and whether those activities are feasible or not based on field conditions.

Farmers can access the color-coded rainfall contour maps on demand via personal computer, tablet or smartphone via the new Connected Farm Field Website. Connected Farm also provides farmers with access to additional key information impacting daily operations including weather forecasts, commodity tracking, field operation maps, fleet management, crop health maps, and irrigation monitoring and control.

“Trimble’s new RainWave Contour Map provides farmers with a much higher level of rainfall data they can use to make better decisions about irrigation or other farm management tasks,” said David Fitzpatrick, Water Solutions business area director of Trimble’s Agriculture Division. “Rainfall can vary dramatically across a field, so by providing farmers with a visual rainfall contour of their entire field, including low and high spots, they can use that information to set up a very specific irrigation and work schedule based on the latest, and most detailed, rainfall data—ultimately leading to savings in water and time.”

The new RainWave Contour Map is currently available as an annual subscription service in North America. More is available by visiting The Connected Farm dashboard is a free Web portal available worldwide.