TriRinse, Inc. celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2011. Timothy Shocklee, CEO, recently noted the successes of the company since its first invoiced job of disposing of 280 drums on Oct. 2, 1981

With a little humor, Shocklee noted how an easy early job was processing 200,000 drums with peanut butter residue and “evading the rodents that made those drums their home.”

The company has grown into doing business for a large number of companies, including ag retailers. Most ag retailers recognize TriRinse as being a company that does large and small pesticide container recycling and other disposal jobs. TriRinse has portable plastic grinder units that move from site to site to chip plastic, and they were busy this past summer removing unusable minibulk pesticide containers.

Shocklee reminisced about the places the company has worked worldwide “from the swamps in Lafayette Louisiana to the deserts in southwest Asia, the mountains of Colorado, the plateaus of Nevada, and the high-temperature Middle East.”

TriRinse is a St. Louis-area-based company that has stayed in the area while expanding the main facilities from a 900 square-foot location to a 28,000 square-foot location to its current 235,000 square-foot plant. Employee numbers have expanded exponentially, too.

The company has cleaned “everything from one ounce vials to 2 million gallon tanks, cleaned and inspected rail cars and ISO tankers,” the CEO noted. Of lesser known to many is the formulating and packaging of products done by TriRinse.

With expanding regulations on handling of all pesticides, fertilizers and agriculture compounds and with encouraged recycling, TriRinse appears to have a bright future heading into its 31st year.