TradeMark Nitrogen, a U.S. manufacturer of liquid nitrogen products with its headquarters in Tampa, Fla., is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. The company was formed in March 1983.

In a look back at the nitrogen fertilizer business, the beginnings are actually back to the 1950s. Corporately, TradeMark Nitrogen was preceded as Southern Nitrogen Company which was formed in 1954. Production started in 1959 at the Tampa site which later merged with Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation in 1966. TradeMark Nitrogen Corporation was spun from Kaiser as an independent company in 1983.

“In any business, 30 years is a significant accomplishment, but this is a story that’s about much more than longevity,” said Rick Brandt, CEO of TradeMark Nitrogen. “This is a story about continuing to keep your eye on the market and evolving to delight your customers.”

TradeMark has produced ammonium nitrate and magnesium nitrate solutions during the history of the company. As the company looked to the future, it expanded into manganese and zinc solutions.

“You don’t last 30 years without staying in touch with your customers,” said Mike Barry, president of TradeMark Nitrogen. “We have to continue to look for new opportunities, questioning the status quo and looking for areas to improve our business activities.”

In what has become a trend for fertilizer and crop chemical companies, the sponsorship of NASCAR racers, TradeMark will mark its 30th year with a commemorative paint scheme on the TMN number 31 car at the NASCAR Nationwide Series race on July 5 in Daytona, Fla.