Because of some truth and some exaggeration, the seed corn supply for 2013 planting has made the news. Reports have worried some farmers that there won’t be enough quality seed for farmers to plant as many acres as they want.

In an article earlier in the week posted in this website news section, farmers were warned to make sure they had placed their seed orders for the best race horse hybrids and were taking early delivery of their seed so there aren’t any supply situations at the last minute.

But seed availability naturally varies from company to company based on where the company had seed corn fields planted in 2012 and if Southern Hemisphere seed farms were used to grow additional seed.  

A prime example of a company taking exception with quality corn seed being unavailable is Beck’s Hybrids. “Even with an increase of more than 15 percent in corn orders (from farmers), Beck's Hybrids has an excellent supply of high performing corn and soybean products still available for Midwest farmers to purchase,” the company responded.

"Last spring we planted twice the amount of seed we sold the previous year, across a wider geography and across a nine-week period, giving us an advantage in our overall seed supply," said Sonny Beck, president of Beck's Hybrids. "With this increase in production acres, the use of winter production, and seed in cold storage, we're able to have many of the best performing products available for Midwest farmers."

From 101 to 115 day, Beck's Hybrids has a wide range of high performing corn products available, including its number one selling product, which is a 112-day, refuge-in-the-bag product,” the company further noted.

Beck’s Hybrids is an independent family run seed company based out of Atlanta, Ind.