Titan Tire announced its service to provide more one-on-one interaction with customers to help develop tire solutions that meet “real-world customer needs” has been a success since inception in the fall of 2011.

The objective of the field service technician program—The Grizz Squad—is to increase face-to-face meetings with customers and get their input on tire performance in various applications.

As a side note, the big question that the company doesn’t explain in its details about service, what is a Grizz? Is the name an inside joke?

The Grizz Squad allows “Titan to react to customer concerns and requests by quickly bringing information back to the manufacturing plant. From there, the information can be shared with the tire engineering and quality teams to help design and produce a better performing product. In addition to providing feedback to the manufacturing plants, the field service technicians can provide application expertise, troubleshoot issues and offer tips on tire care and maintenance to maximize the life of the tires.”

Tom DeNoi, vice president of field services and customer support for Titan Tire, said, “The customer appreciates that Titan takes the time to personally visit their operation and better understand their needs so we can develop a solution. No matter the size of the operation, we want to help them and make sure they are satisfied with the product. The program gives customers a voice in helping to develop quality products within Titan and its manufacturing plants.”

Customer calls result in quick on-location visits by a Grizz Squad member. There are currently field service technicians covering the agriculture, construction and mining markets. Titan Tires are manufactured by Titan Tire Corporation, a subsidiary of Titan International.