Three new corn genetic platforms designed to deliver a yield advantage in water-limited environments in the Western Corn Belt are now available from Hoegemeyer Hybrids for the 2012 growing season.

"Hoegemeyer Hybrids is excited to offer growers in the Western Corn Belt these new Optimum AQUAmax hybrids for the 2012 growing season," said Stephan Becerra, Hoegemeyer general manager. "These hybrids provide growers additional choices to help minimize risk and maximize productivity under drought stress."

Optimum AQUAmax hybrids have demonstrated an average 5 percent yield advantage over leading commercial corn hybrids tested.

The Optimum AQUAmax corn hybrids, available in the HPT brand, are 7644 HX/LL/RR, 7876 AM-R, 7877 AMX-R and 7906 HX/LL/RR. This first offering of hybrids range in relative maturity from 106 days to 109 days, with plans to further expand the maturity options in future years.

"Optimum AQUAmax hybrids come from a class of genetics developed using genes already native to the corn germplasm, using innovative marker assisted breeding methods known as Accelerated Yield Technology (AYT) system from Pioneer. These elite hybrids have been screened across multiple years in true drought environments in the Western Corn Belt," according to Hoegemeyer Corn Product Manager Ryan Siefken. "Along with their performance under drought stress, we have seen a positive yield response to higher planting populations in our agronomic trials."

Contact your local Hoegemeyer seed representative for availability of Optimum AQUAmax hybrids in your area.