BOONE, IOWA—Day two of the Farm Progress Show began at 7 a.m. with Dow AgroSciences hosting media to talk about the Dow business unit changing its logo and tagline back to an identity previously recognized with any Dow business unit, the red diamond and a new Dow AgroSciences tagline “Solutions for the Growing World.”

Enlist Duo herbicide and the Enlist Weed Control System were the emphasis of the corn and soybean demonstration plots outside the product display and information tent. An explanation of 92 percent reduction in volatility for Enlist Duo when using the right nozzle with the new 2,4-D choline formulation powered by Colex D technology was a major point of emphasis.

As David Hillger, Enlist field specialist, said the other aspect of keeping the new product on target is controlling physical drift, and it is “really a balancing act” between minimizing drift but also obtain the right plant coverage postemerge for weed control. This also comes back to the right formulation with the right nozzle.

There was no doubt which soybeans contained the genetics for resistance to the Enlist Duo herbicide and which one did not have that resistance. The non-resistant soybeans were completely dead.

Next up was DuPont Pioneer in the media tent where Brent Wilson, technical services manager, talked about 2013 as a year after the huge drought of 2012. His points emphasized the potential for solving problems in growing corn—need for herbicide carryover understanding, recognizing insects that probably proliferated and could be problems, fertilizer left in the soil and looking at need next spring compared to this still dry fall.

The big event sponsored by Syngenta at lunch time put a global perspective on the company’s corn production team and solutions for growing corn. It was noted that corn production will likely need to grow more than any other coarse grain to feed the nine billion plus global population of 2050. The total world population of 1950 is the amount the world population will increase between 2011 and 2050.

The team approach for corn allows for integrated solutions, explained Dan Dyer, head of corn global research and development for Syngenta. Corn team leaders for each region of the world were available for discussion. Overall, Dyer explained two areas of emphasis are water optimization and ethanol efficiency research and development, but he noted that the company already has leadership positions in other areas of corn production.       

Ann Bryan, senior communications manager, talked about how “atrazine has gone Hollywood” with the production of three “mini-documentaries” that emphasize the benefits of atrazine in world crop production. These documentaries as a package are part of the program titled “Saving the Oasis,” which counters negatives suggested by an activist full-length documentary—“Last Call at the Oasis.”  Bryan requested people check out the pro-atrazine site of