Thank goodness – farmers won’t wipe out the human race

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plate of food Recently a report from Stanford University indicated that organic food essentially is not superior to conventionally grown food.

Researchers led by Dena Bravata, MD, MS, from Stanford’s Center for Health Policy was published in the Sept. 4 issue of Annals of Internal Medicine, and looked at 237 studies that compared either the health of people who ate organic or conventional foods, or, more commonly, nutrient and contaminant levels in the foods such as bacterial, fungal or pesticide contamination.

In an article on the Stanford’s School of Medicine’s website, it says, “They did not find strong evidence that organic foods are more nutritious or carry fewer health risks than conventional alternatives, though consumption of organic foods can reduce the risk of pesticide exposure.”

Food safety expert Scott Hurd, DVM, PhD, Iowa State University, writes on his food safety blog yesterday that because the authors examined hundreds of studies on the topic, not just a few hand-picked studies, that the meta analysis is a powerful objective method for analyzing a collection of conflicting evidence on a scientific topic.

Where food safety of organic and conventional meat is concerned, Hurd says the authors did not find any significant difference in the amount of food-borne pathogens present in conventional and organic meat. He says, “For example, in chicken 67% of organic samples were contaminated with Campylobacter versus 64% of conventional samples. Salmonella contamination was 35% for organic chicken versus 34% for conventional and E. coli contamination was 65% of organic samples versus 49% of conventional samples.

As far as antibiotic resistance, Hurd says all types mea t have the potential to have antibiotic resistant bacteria. But to cause harm to human health, even antibiotic resistant pathogens on meat have a long journey to make including pathogen survival during processing and cooking, ingestion of the resistant pathogens, and a resulting illness requiring antibiotics. Hurd says, “The harm would only result if all of these things happened and the bacteria did not respond to the antibiotic therapy.”

The bottom line, concludes Hurd: “Today’s modern farmer is not going to wipe out the human race.”

 To read Hurd’s blog, click here.

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kansas  |  September, 12, 2012 at 10:23 AM

Great report, but let us not rest on our laurels here. This study has been and will continue to be attacked, demeaned and shouted-down by the righteous adherents of green, eco, natural, organic, vegan religions every day. And the MSM, that lives to serve the screechings of minority radical extremists, will assist them as they try to bury and-or discredit the science. We must brightly highlight and repeatedly cite this serious science, and discredit the oppositions' sure resort to fabricated consensus, or there will be no lasting benefits. Also, the antibiotic resistance issue needs much more work on our part if we are to prevent radical leftist politicians like fake-scientist Slaughter (D-NY) and her circle of activists. Just today, a new report was released, again pointing out that antibiotic resistance is Almost Exclusively a problem created by mis-diagnosis, misuse and massive over-use of antibiotics by Human Health Care Professionals. It's long past time our Industry takes the offensive and aggressively counter attacks with facts and real science. See:

Missouri  |  September, 13, 2012 at 08:45 AM

The organic industry has unwittingly been highjacked by the food anarchists who have no actual interest in organic food production other than using it as a tool of war in their continuing campaign against American agriculture. These misguided activists have long ago lost the debate over the safety and science of modern crop, food and fiber production. They know this and have resorted to using the organic industry in a cynical and dishonest way to achieve their goals, Prop 37 in California is the latest example. The study reported on in this article will be panned and ridiculed by them because facts have no role in this quest to achieve their cynical goals.

September, 14, 2012 at 08:43 AM

The Stanford study was totally fraudulent. The study's co-author, Dr. Ingram Olkin, has a deep history as an "anti-science" propagandist working for Big Tobacco. Stanford University has also been found to have deep financial ties to Cargill, a powerful proponent of genetically engineered foods and an enemy of GMO labeling Proposition 37. The following document shows financial ties between Philip Morris and Ingram Olkin Olkin worked with Stanford University to develop a "multivariate" statistical algorithm, which is essentially a way to lie with statistics. This research was a key component in Big Tobacco's use of anti-science to attack whistleblowers and attempt to claim cigarettes are perfectly safe. Thanks to efforts of people like Ingram, articles like this one were published: "The Case against Tobacco Is Not Closed: Why Smoking May Not Be Dangerous to Your Health!" More here: tainted-by-biotechnology-funding/

kansas  |  September, 18, 2012 at 09:50 AM

See! As expected, the Trolls roll-in with ad hominem attacks and loads of inuendo and insinuations (supported by other agenda laden fellow travelers stories) to discredit Non-Believers. This is typical of every Cult and you can see the same sort of reactions from Scientologists. Same ole', same ole' that we always see from them. Oh, and by the way Agpro108, mystery expert writing from an undisclosed location, who besides Agricultural Businesses (like Cargill) do you think will support Agricultural Research into Agricultural Issues? Not aware of much support coming in from the Sierra Club, PETA, Green Peace, HSUS or the Whole Foods/ mega-chains - you? If you have something scientific, other than a consensus of opinions from radical green extremists, personal attacks on actual scientists and conspiracy theories, please share it.

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