Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc. (TKI) announced the development of a new potassium and sulfur fertilizer solution safe for in-furrow application in corn, wheat and cotton. K-ROW 23™ (#U.S. Patent Application Serial No. 61/471,694, filed April 4, 2011) was developed by Tom Fairweather, Director of Agronomy Services, and personnel from TKI’s Research and Development Group. K-ROW 23 joins the company’s range of unique potassium based solutions. K-ROW 23 can be safely applied in the seed furrow at planting time. K-ROW 23 contains 2.7 pounds of potassium (K2O) and 1 pound of sulfur (S) per gallon of product. Research continues with K-ROW 23 on its adaptation to a wider range of broad acre crops.

K-ROW 23 is available now through your local TKI Specialty fertilizer dealer/distributor. Additional information on K-ROW 23 is available at K-ROW23@tkinet.com as well as www.tkinet.com.