The author of Is it Organic, Mischa Popoff, recently appeared on television stations in Canada talking about his book and the organic foods industry. He was scheduled to be a speaker at a national event related to the food industry.

Popoff has provided AgProfessional with articles and opinions in the past in which he has been critical of the way that organic associations and government agencies allow the claim of crops being organic without any true oversight.

Popoff is a former organic inspector familiar with U.S. and Canada organic regulations and certification. As his book is touted, it is a “tell-all history by an industry insider who saw too much to keep quiet.” Popoff has progressed into being a public speaker, political columnist, policy advisor and research associate working on his own and under contract.

The interview that Popoff did with CTV might be of interest to those who wonder if organic food is really organic and better for you than conventionally produced crops. To link to the TV interview click: Canada AM: Is your food really organic?

Popoff’s website is: