The Tire Industry Association (TIA) held a Basic Farm Tire Service recently conducted a training class at Dawson Tire and Wheel in Gothenburg, Neb.

Taught by TIA Director of Tire Service Matt White, this three-day class incorporated DVDs, workbooks and also included a heavy hands-on training component. This course is available for farm tire service centers around the country.

Individuals who attend this three-day course learn the step-by-step procedures for demounting, mounting and inflating single, dual and three-piece assemblies in addition to service truck operation and liquid ballast installation/removal. Basic Farm Tire Service is a minimum skills training and certification program that outlines and explains the guidelines for servicing farm, agriculture, and construction tire and wheel assemblies.

This is one of the first hands-on Farm Tire Service training classes that TIA has offered. The Gothenburg class was attended by Dawson Tire’s service technicians, technicians from around the area and tire service vendors including Stellar Industries who provided a new demo truck. Attendees spent the majority of the time hands-on, learning proper jack and cribbing techniques, crane operation and user safety.

For successful completion of this training, just like at Gothenburg, a successful test was required which  certified each technician for servicing any farm tire situation and product.

“This is great for the industry because it provides training on best practices and safety measures in circumstances that vary every day of the year,” said Loren Block, marketing manager at Dawson Tire. “Weather, equipment, and field conditions can change with every job so we need techs out there that are trained to handle it. It really set a gold standard for the ag tire industry.”