Syngenta has launched a new online portal,, to stimulate and accelerate collaborations with external parties for the development of new, integrated solutions in agriculture. The platform will support Syngenta’s commitment to develop new and sustainable solutions for growers across all geographies facing crop productivity and environmental challenges.

The Web site has been created to bring together fresh ideas and concepts, and novel technologies from around the world. By collaborating with a host of contributors, academics, creative individuals, research institutes and innovative partners, Syngenta aims to combine genetics, chemistry and other cutting-edge technologies. will serve as a central destination where visitors may submit ideas for novel technologies as well as offer solutions and lend their expertise to the global food security challenge.

“Open innovation has always been an important part of our R&D strategy. We believe the future relies on maximizing the use of new technologies and combining these technologies to discover and develop innovative value-added products for agriculture,” said Sandro Aruffo, Syngenta Head of Research and Development. “External collaboration is one of the key ways we will deliver crop-focused solutions to our customers.”

Syngenta, which invests $1 billion in R&D annually, is particularly interested in discovering grower solutions comprising genetics, chemistry or novel technologies in the areas of weed control, disease control, insect control, nematode control, environmental stress tolerance, breakthrough yield and crop output quality. The company is interested in collaborating, licensing or purchasing new technologies to discover and develop new products for agriculture.

With more than 400 active R&D partnerships, Syngenta has successfully built alliances with technology leaders across multiple industries. The emphasis on open innovation and the introduction of its new online portal will help Syngenta strengthen its R&D pipeline by building on its collaboration experiences and establishing itself as the partner of choice for solutions providers worldwide.

Individuals and organizations interested in partnering with Syngenta can learn more at