Syngenta this year introduces SY Southwind, an AgriPro brand hard red winter wheat, to help meet challenges faced by Central Plains growers. Adding to a proven portfolio of top-performing wheat varieties, SY Southwind boasts high yield potential across the region.

“SY Southwind is a breath of fresh air for Kansas and Nebraska growers,” said Syngenta’s Greg McCormack, Plains region key account manager. “Over multiple years it has shown some of the highest yield potential in both irrigated and dryland situations.  It should be a top performer among winter wheat certified seed varieties this year.”

SY Southwind also gives growers the best rust tolerance currently available. It offers moderate tolerance to all current races of stripe and leaf rust, as well as good tolerance to barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV) and tolerance to Hessian fly. A medium-early maturity and medium-short wheat variety, SY Southwind also shows very good straw strength, which helps prevent lodging in adverse weather.

As winter wheat growers begin preparing for the upcoming planting season, Syngenta recommends implementing an integrated approach to crop management. Planting quality certified seed varieties and incorporating good planting practices, such as residue management, proper seeding rates and seed treatments, are critical in helping wheat start strong.