Syngenta and attorneys for several community water systems have agreed to settle litigation related to the herbicide atrazine in order to end the business uncertainty and expense of protracted legal proceedings.

Syngenta expressly denies any liability and Plaintiffs have acknowledged that they are not aware of any new scientific studies relating to atrazine not already in the public domain.

The proposed settlement agreement which requires court approval was filed with the United States District Court for the Southern District of Illinois on May 24, 2012. Water systems joining the class will be eligible for payments from a $105 million settlement funded by Syngenta. Details of the agreement can be found at

This litigation began almost eight years ago when a group of community water systems claimed that Syngenta should pay to filter atrazine from their water supplies.

The plaintiffs acknowledged that they have not commissioned and are not aware of any new scientific studies relating to atrazine. After almost eight years of litigation, the plaintiffs were unable to come up with any new scientific studies relating to the safety of atrazine.  

Settling this case will remove the burden of litigation from Syngenta’s partners, customers, retailers, distributors, and others who have been inconvenienced by the lawsuit.

Syngenta and its subsidiaries, customers, partners, retailers, distributors, and related entities will be released by the water systems from liability related to the presence of atrazine in their water. 

Any water system that has ever detected any amount of atrazine in its raw or finished water in the past or up to approximately 90 days after the date of preliminary approval of the settlement is entitled to share with the plaintiffs’ attorneys in a $105 million fund.