Reinforcing its commitment to the seed treatment industry, Syngenta is now offering a Root Health Online Training Module as an educational tool for growers and retailers. This valuable tutorial emphasizes the importance of healthy root systems and their ability to produce higher-quality crops with more consistent yield performance.

"As a leader in the seed treatment industry, we feel it's important to provide growers and retailers with educational tools to help explain this emerging concept of root health," said Chad Shelton, Seedcare brand asset lead, Syngenta. "It's our goal with this tool to dissect the root system, explain why it's so important and highlight key threats to healthy root structures. Soilborne insects like wireworms and disease pathogens like Rhizoctonia and Pythium can drastically impact the growth and development of crops by attacking the root system. Awareness is a key element in preventing damage caused by these yield-robbing pests."

The training module walks participants through a series of informative sections, such as the basics of root systems, structures and functions, and then provides in-depth profiles of key factors that can potentially compromise root health, including yield-robbing diseases and insects, as well as cultural practices like tillage and crop rotation.

The Syngenta commitment to the seed treatment industry extends beyond chemistries to creating educational tools and forums that bring together worldwide research efforts.

"This training module is the latest of our efforts to bring attention to roots and what threatens them," Shelton explained. "We continue working with leading researchers to better understand the damage and habits of these threats and where they are most prevalent. We've helped bring the concept of root health into the global spotlight through face-to-face research forums, as well as online platforms for researchers to exchange ideas and share results. Our aim is to provide growers and retailers with the knowledge, service and high-performing products needed to achieve top yields and maximum profit," Shelton concluded.

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