Syngenta developed the Vibrance™ and RootingPower in Cereals Online Training Module, introducing participants to its latest line of cereals seed treatment solutions. This interactive web tool allows visitors to navigate their way through a series of educational lessons and quizzes about key threats to root health and Syngenta solutions to help maximize yield and profit potential.

“Complementary to the Syngenta Root Health Online Training Module released earlier this year, this tutorial familiarizes visitors with our new line of Vibrance fungicide seed treatment product solutions for cereals and the concept of RootingPower for enhanced root performance,” said Chad Shelton, Seedcare brand asset lead, Syngenta. “We’ve made it our mission to increase awareness about the importance of healthy roots and their link to increasing future crop productivity.”

Participants steer their way through a series of sections that simplify technical concepts, like active ingredients and modes of action, to help growers understand the concept of healthy root systems and best practices for achieving them. This online module also summarizes key factors that can potentially compromise root health, including yield-robbing diseases and insects.

“We know seedborne and soilborne pathogens like Rhizoctonia and Pythium are major threats to cereal crops, so it is imperative growers are aware and armed with the knowledge and solutions needed to realize the full potential of their crops and yields,” Shelton noted. “Tools like the Vibrance and RootingPower in Cereals Online Training Module provide a solid background of information, and with new product formulations like Vibrance brand products, growers can grow higher-quality crops while helping to ensure consistency in their yield performance from year to year,” he added.

Syngenta is in the process of pursuing Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credit for those who complete the module and the incorporated quizzes.

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