Syngenta in North America announced the addition of 3158 NS/CL/DM brand to its sunflower hybrid line up. 3158 NS/CL/DM brand is a broadly adapted hybrid tailored to the Dakotas and High Plains regions that offers herbicide tolerance and protection from a wide range of diseases, including downy mildew.

“This newest hybrid gives sunflower growers a new tool to meet their demands for high oil content, herbicide tolerance and excellent yield,” said Jim Johnson, product lead for oilseeds, Syngenta. “Having the industry’s largest germplasm base and an unmatched research pipeline allows us to continue delivering top-notch hybrids with added value to the grower.”

Through the Clearfield® herbicide system, growers can easily control yield-robbing grass and broadleaf weeds after planting 3158 NS/CL/DM brand. This NuSun® hybrid features very good vigor, drought tolerance and stalk strength. With a 97-day relative maturity, 3158 NS/CL/DM brand flowers early for a mid-season hybrid and can be grown in key sunflower geographies from North Dakota to the High Plains.

“Our mission at Syngenta is to deliver top-performing products to our growers that are backed by service from our seasoned Syngenta sales and agronomy team,” said Grant Ozipko, crop portfolio head for oilseeds, Syngenta. “By integrating our leading hybrids with in-season crop protection solutions like CruiserMaxx® Sunflower seed treatment insecticide/fungicide, Quadris® fungicide and Warrior II with Zeon Technology® insecticide, sunflower growers are able to get their crop off to a good start and protect it from damaging insects and diseases throughout the season.”