Syngenta announced the completion of a significant production capacity expansion at Kaisten, Switzerland for S-metolachlor, a herbicide active that is widely used in either solo or mixture brands, including Dual Gold, Lumax, Lexar, Camix and Halex GT.

S-metolachlor is a highly effective selective herbicide that provides long lasting weed control in a number of important food and fiber crops, notably corn and soybean.

The capacity expansion, which started in early 2012, addresses growers’ steadily increasing demand for early season weed control programs. S-metolachlor has proven to be a critical tool in managing weeds that are increasingly difficult to control with post-emergent applications. The long lasting residual activity of S-metolachlor provides growers with season long weed management to maximize their return on investment.

“This capacity expansion for S-metolachlor ensures that we are well equipped to respond to increasing demand in a market that continues to expand. It will be welcomed by channel partners and customers alike,” said Rob Neill, Head Global Asset and Platform Management of Syngenta.