Syngenta has pledged more than 700 bags of sunflower seeds to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The seeds will be planted on 1,000 acres statewide to create a better habitat for mourning doves.

Every year, Syngenta provides a number of nonprofit organizations with seed for wildlife food plots. The organizations' members and local growers volunteer to plant the seed on public or donated land. These wildlife habitats provide a number of benefits to both the animals and local sportsmen.

"At Syngenta, we understand the need to secure food and maintain habitats for wildlife. This project allows us to direct our resources to organizations that are dedicated to this cause," said Dan Hanson, head of Syngenta's business operations. "We've seen first-hand the great work the Iowa DNR does and we are proud to support the agency.

"Syngenta's gracious donation has been a key resource in helping to support our wildlife conservation efforts," said Greg Schmitt, a natural resources technician for the Iowa DNR. "The mourning doves, as well as a number of other species, will greatly benefit from the donation."

The Iowa DNR is a government agency that leads Iowans in caring for their natural resources. It is responsible for maintaining state parks and forests, protecting the environment, and managing energy, fish, wildlife, and land and water resources in Iowa. The donated sunflower seeds will help to preserve wildlife habitats and create more food sources for animals.